Drupal web development

Woolwich Web Works specializes in building content management solutions using Drupal: an open source, modular content management system. Open Source mans that many people around the world collaborate to build a system that works for a variety of website needs. Modular means that you can enable or disable only the features that your website needs: no bloat!

Our experience with Drupal dates back to the mid-2000's (or Drupal version 5). Over the years, we have developed expertise in all aspects of Drupal website development, including:

  • User experience design (both for website visitors and content editors)
  • Front-end development (implementing page layouts using HTML & CSS)
  • Selecting and configuring modules to build content management solutions tailored to the client's unique needs
  • Back-end development (custom functionality)
  • Code management and deployment to development, test, and production environments
  • High traffic server optimization

We have implemented multi-lingual websites, eCommerce solutions, and many other custom features for our clients. See below for some examples.