Multi-lingual Web Development

Reach customers across Canada and around the world with a bi- or multi-lingual website! Our Content Management platform of choice, Drupal, has excellent multi-lingual capabilities. Drupal is popular in Europe, where mutli-lingual websites are frequently needed. This means that may people in the Drupal community have worked hard to make internationalization (or "i18n") work well.

Benefits of building a multi-lingual website using Drupal include:

  • Everything in Drupal can be translated into as many languages as you need.
  • Existing translations are provided for common interface text (e.g. admin forms, contact forms etc.)
  • Built-in language switcher block links directly to each page's equivalent in each available language
  • User-friendly interface for entering translated text in the CMS
  • Search-friendly URLs (e.g.,
  • Provide options if translation isn't available (e.g. use the default language, or show nothing)

See below for some examples of bi-lingual websites we have built. Need a multi-lingual website? Contact us for a quote. We are comfortable working remotely with clients across Canada and beyond.