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The Williamson Group (TWG) is a benefits consulting and financial services firm from Brantford, Ontario. We originally developed this site, in collaboration with our partners at Muuz, in 2014. A front page and header refresh was completed in Fall 2016. 

Some of the highlights of this site include:

  • Resources section with multiple file types, a variety of filters; related resources also display on content pages
  • Mirco-site capability with a different, but compatible, design from the main site
  • Separate mobile theme, with customized display for smaller screens
  • Multilingual (English and French)

The Resources section is particularly complex, with multiple ways to filter the resources based on file types or keyword tags. PDF files can be opened directly from the resource index page, and video resources open in a lightbox. Related resources can also be displayed on other pages, matched by keywords.

The microsites were developed using three custom content types (Microsite home page, Microsite secondary page, and Microsite itinerary item). A custom page template is used for these content types to display the Microsite header and footer. The client can choose the microsite banner image and title colour.

Responsive web design is the most common approach to mobile-friendly sites these days. This site takes a different approach, implementing a custom theme for mobile devices. This enables us to more fully customize the content presented on small screens.

In 2017 The Williamson Group was bought out by The Cowan Group and this website was retired. Design was done by our colleagues at Muuz.

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