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MegaConstrux: TMNT Animated Series

Toy product website

This project was a referesh of the existing MegaConstrux Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Animated Series land page, completed in Summer, 2016.

The updates we completed were the most intricate parts of the page: The top section slider with animated characters, and the middle section slider with revolving characters (and animations). In both sliders, the icon images above the characters triggered an animation. In the middle slider, the product images scaled to full size as they moved into the middle position. Both sliders needed to work with mouse clicks or touch-swipe interaction.

This was some of the most challenging front-end development we have ever had to do. The designs were intricate and the quality standards were high. 

The MEGAConstrux platform is built on Drupal but they use their own APIs to pull content from their product catalogue (including translations). Part of the challenge was to implement the animated characters in the middle section for only certain products, while using the catalogue images for the others (and also filtering them by taxonomy). Difficult but rewarding!

The TMNT product series was retired by MEGA in 2018.

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