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When the in-house development team at MegaBrands was overwhelemed with work they turned to us to help them build out a new product micro-site for their new Kubros line. MegaBrands has a very unqiue Drupal implementation, with custom modules to pull content from their central database using Custom API's. 

If that wasn't challenging enough, the design provided by the MegaBlosk designers was intricate and detailed. It was almost completely different from their existing page templates, and required some functionality that they hadn't made use of in other projects. With little documentation available for their API's, we dove into the code to figure out how to get the right content where it needed to be.

Key features of this site include:

  • Front page videos with content pulled from Brightcove
  • Front page Product slider with dynamic pager
  • Product page image carousel with thumbnail navigation
  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop layouts

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