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Icon Lab is a new research group at the University of Waterloo, specializing in virtual reality, mobile networks, and the Internet of Things. Woolwich Web Works was retained to create a simple website for the research group to show off their work. As a computer scientist the client was comfortable editing HTML, and requested a site that he could edit in code.

We created a simple logo and design for the research group. The colours are based on the Faculty of Math colour (pink, darkened to maroon), UW black, and UW gold used as a highlight. This gives the research group its own look and feel while still referencing its roots at the University of Waterloo.

The budget was tight, so we decided to work from an existing development library to create the website. This gave us a nice design framework to start with, including add-on components for common elements like the People page display. Since we were implementing this in straight HTML we didn't have to worry about the challenges of integrating an existing framework with a content management system.

The site also includes a very simple News section. We wrote some custom code to simply read HTML files from a directory and display them in order: no need for a CMS.

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