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Pharmaceutical news website

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Heat Informatics is a source of up-to-date news and information for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. It includes:

  • Infographics and expert insight from the editors
  • An archive of news, including videos, with extensive taxonomy and faceted search
  • A searchable listing of professional and government reports and links
  • Display of upcoming events
  • Social media-like display with commenting, "likes", and social sharing

This site is always a work in progress. The client wants to make this a go-to resource in the industry with many attractive features for users. 

Our development process using Drupal 8 makes this all possible. Using Drupal 8's configuration management, along with Gitlab's continuous integration, we can easily deploy changes from a development, to a staging environment for testing, and finally to production when approved.

The site makes extensive use of Drupal's taxonomy and the Apache Solr search service to create the faceted search for the archives, links, reports, and events. 

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